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7 HEAVEN Colorado Gold Foods

For healthy  dietary and lifestyle choices



Can you guess what's in my hand ?

If you recognize the fruit in my hand leave a comment on our Facebook page for a chance to win a free sample of one of our many HEAVEN SNACK breakfast biscuits. 



Healthy choices for our community, our students, and the future!


Declared Proprietor of Success through contribution and dedication to the place we call " Home " 

-Smithsonian kindergarten student

Park Hill Denver 1986

We deliver Quality and comfort. Our product is designed to guarantee satisfaction with results that last a life time.

Treat symptomatic irritation such as fever, mild swelling, irritable bowel discomfort, and sweating during rests or while you are sleeping

New and improved antiseptic chewables for all ages.

Bounty 7HCOG-Rx, delivers a

small dose of antiseptic 

Coating along the inside of the gasohol that will last up to 4 hours while building your bodies white blood cell count to prevent side affects of micro-bacteria ingested through drinking water, climate change,other economic extremities effecting public resources and supplies

Commonly known as E. Coli, listeria, and other protozoans 

Stop the spread of bacterial infection today.



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7 HEAVEN Colorado Gold

Original Cream Cheese Biscuits

Colorado Gold Foods Gourmet value snack meets the market

Reduce risks of micro-bacterial infections upset stomach, nausea, fever and indigestion caused by ingesting unsafe water.

As well as inadvertent transference causing symptoms to effect infants and toddlers

Try a healthy snack first, then decide which foods you enjoy most look for our Kraft Bags at your local Kroger Grocery Stores and online

Healthy Choice Sales & Service

Fight Bacteria

 Night Sweat Indigestion & Pain

Family Pack Bounty Antiseptic Tablets 

 See how we can help your upset stomach and fever symptoms today.