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Nutritional Value

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Low Calorie Baked Cream Cheese

Less than 340 calories per Meal & Under 80 calories per slice

  • Tasteful source of whole grain  
  • Nutrients. 
  • Vitamins
  • Dairy
  • All in one 
  • USDA approved product ingredients

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Antiseptic Bar

By only using the freshest ingredients we guarantee a delicious and healthy alternative snack for students and those looking for a healthy gourmet snack on the go.

Healthy Choices

Core Values & Recipes Below

All students deserve the opportunity to be healthy and successful. 

For Us that equals quality & assurance 

 Providing an allowed supplement breakfast cereal does not equate to a nutritional value meal. 

Students may actually lack the necessary nutrients to sustain during the early ours of the day. Awareness is a very important process of learning, Access to a sufficient meal with a compliant dietary regimen of grain, and low carbohydrates or dry caffeinated nutrient such as "diced, or ground espresso bean & banana topping"

help the students to stay alert and absorb more study and less buddy during classes

Gourmet Bake Breakfast & Veggies

280 Calories

Gourmet Bake Breakfast & strawberries With Shrupshire Blue Cheese

142 Calories

Gourmet Bake & Banana with ground Espresso Bean, fruit/grain, and Choice Cheese or Cream

280 Calories

Gourmet Bake Breakfast &  egg with fruit/grain, Cream and Breakfast cheese 

340 Calories

Bounty Antiseptic  (bars)

Mild pain relief, non acetaminophen dosage for prolonged liver function and health preservation

last up to 4 hours 

Pain relief and protection from bacterial infections only.

Bounty (liquid)

Pharmaceutical grade pure extract. Antiseptic against bio organisms, microbacteria